Light- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles still bear the brunt of the work related to the constantly increasing freight transport in Europe and will in the future still play an indispensable role. In Europe, the commercial vehicle industry within the automotive industry is still often overshadowed by the passenger car manufacturers. However, the overall economic importance of the sector is huge and the industrial sector is already a driver of new technologies and innovations today.

The sector is faced with challenging tasks like never before: Payload optimisation, specific sector solutions, fuel efficiency, the associated target of CO2 reduction and sophisticated safety systems as well as the lowest possible emissions mean our customers are confronted with huge challenges.

What do we produce for the commercial vehicle sector? 

HÖRMANN Automotive sees itself as a forming specialist and manufacturer of metallic components and systems for the commercial vehicle industry. We produce chassis parts such as longitudinal frame members and detachable frame components as well as large thin-sheet components made from steel and aluminium at our locations in Germany and Eastern Europe. We are also specialised in the forming of pipes and media-conducting lines.

The production-related specialisation in commercial vehicles allows us to drive forward innovations in a targeted manner to satisfy the growing requirements of our customers. This is achieved via further technological development in a broad partner network and also by close cooperation with our internal vehicle development. As a full-service system provider, we thus cover the entire value-added chain from development to production to logistics and service. The focus here is always on the product requirements of our customers, for whom we create individual solutions. 

»A decisive change lies ahead for the commercial vehicle industry. This is why we are deliberately exploring new ways in which we can flexibly adapt our products and services to the changed requirements of our customers and the market.«

Christian Petters, Head of Development and Sales – Commercial Vehicles Division