Ground-breaking auxiliary heater and stationary heater from our partner ReformTech

With the coming into force of the new Euro 6c/7 emission standard, the European automotive market is facing profound changes: To date, solely the emission levels were taken into account in the emission measurement of motor vehicles, without the share of emissions produced by other components. With the new standard, now the entire vehicle will be included in the emission measurement, and thus also the auxiliary heater, a component that compensates for the missing heat output from highly efficient engines. It is required to heat up the vehicle interior more quickly and to heat the exhaust gases so that the catalytic converter can work efficiently. However, conventional auxiliary heaters produce very high emissions and have intensive particulate matter emissions. With the new emission standard, automotive manufacturers must now act and use new, emission-reducing technologies.

ReformTech, a Swedish research and development company, was founded by a group of leading engineers from the automotive industry. They had recognised the potential, developed a suitable technology, invented a product and patented it. This technology is a global game-changer in terms of achieving sustainable combustion processes: The auxiliary heater developed by ReformTech achieves combustion that is up to 90% more efficient than conventional models and creates virtually no emissions. The market launch for the new auxiliary heater took place in 2015.

HÖRMANN as a partner of ReformTech

Together with ReformTech, we are developing this new product technology with the focus on industrialisation and a production- and assembly-compatible design. Furthermore, HÖRMANN Automotive in Wackersdorf will take over the production of the new auxiliary heater generation.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Greater efficiency in comparison to previous auxiliary heaters (+ 90%)
  • Virtually no emissions: No particulate, ultra-low emissions of CO, NOx and CO2.
  • Compatibility with all fossil fuels and renewable fuels
  • Controllable direction of thermal radiation
  • Competitive product costs
  • Extremely resistant and highly reliable
  • For the OEMs: Significant installation space advantages

Scopes of application and usage:

  • Preheating and auxiliary heating of engines, for the vehicle interior and the exhaust system
  • Stationary heating, water heating for camper vans, etc.
  • For the preheating of the battery and for thermal management in the case of cold starts and in the case of permanently low temperatures
  • Key component for the overall thermal management to fulfil current and future emission regulations


Are you interested in this product?

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The cleanest auxiliary heater in the world! (in German)