HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH consists of six high-performing companies with decades of experience in the development, production, assembly and logistics of components for the automotive industry.

Our plants are specialised in small-, medium-, and large-volume metal components as well as individual one-off products. With our core competencies, we aim to meet the daily needs of the commercial vehicle, agricultural machinery, construction, automotive and automotive supplier industries. 

Strategic Business Segments

The business of HÖRMANN Automotive can be divided into three strategic business segments: Truck, Off-Road and E-Mobility.

  • In the “Truck” business segment, we are specialised in the production of frame and BiW components for commercial vehicles. Particularly with regard to the commercial-vehicle frame, we cover a holistic technology portfolio with the production of longitudinal frame members, detachable frame components, welded assemblies and pipes and are available to our customers as a system partner.  Due to our extensive technological expertise, we already provide our customers with valuable input and advice on cost-efficient and innovative component design at an early stage of the product creation process.
  • The “Off-Road” business segment gives us wide-ranging access to customers thanks to a broad technology portfolio. We are specialised in flap systems for agricultural machinery and buses, tank systems for agricultural and construction machinery as well as complex welded assemblies for off-road requirements. Here, too, we support our customers in the area of product creation as an active development partner thanks to our extensive expertise in this technology.
  • Future mobility is being influenced in a lasting manner by electrification; this will allow new solutions in many of our customer sectors. We are responding to these requirements and potential with the aspiration to actively shape future mobility, e.g. via the assembly of charging stations or components for electric vehicles. In the “E-Mobility” business segment, we thus feel obliged to develop and deliver innovative system solutions in line with demand and consistently orientate our actions – including in the “Truck” and “Off-Road” areas – to this obligation.

The successful growth course enjoyed by HÖRMANN Automotive is thanks to its committed and highly qualified employees, the unique technological position in our business segments and over 50 years of experience in the global automotive market. Every single component constructor at HÖRMANN Automotive is part of a coordinated production system – thanks to the intensive exchange of knowledge, accelerated development processes in ecosystems and digital networking in the HÖRMANN Group. Furthermore, we shape future mobility with our customers and together accompany new products every step of the way to market maturity.

HÖRMANN Automotive develops and constructs the components for a whole.


Managing Director

Dr.-Ing. Michael Radke


Managing Director

Christian Petters

Dr. Jürgen Lechler - COO HÖRMANN Automotive
Dr. Jürgen Lechler - COO HÖRMANN Automotive

Managing Director

Dr. Jürgen Lechler

HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH is Part of the HÖRMANN Group

HÖRMANN Automotive GmbH is part of a strong group – the HÖRMANN Group. The HÖRMANN Group has grown steadily since its formation in 1955. HÖRMANN Holding GmbH & Co. KG is the parent company of 30 subsidiaries operating in the Automotive, Communication, Engineering and Services segments with a high degree of entrepreneurial initiative and independence.

The objective of the HÖRMANN Group is to provide customers with economic, innovative and sustainable solutions and services that offer them significant advantages and clear benefits. The Group, which has approximately 3,000 highly qualified employees, uses the entire scope of its widely diversified and networked knowledge from the extremely diverse technological areas to achieve this goal.

Due to the range of diversified, highly qualified technologies and services, the Group aims to make itself independent of economic influences and to thus minimise the risk for the companies and their employees.

Thinking and acting in this way creates the space to develop perfect customer solutions using our vision, motivation and passion. A concept that is impressively confirmed by the success and continuous growth experienced by the HÖRMANN Group.




HÖRMANN Automotive is Part of a Strong Group of 27 Affiliated Companies

The companies of the HÖRMANN Group are always situated in the best possible strategical and logistical locations for our customers.

The company locations of the HÖRMANN Group in Germany are shown on the interactive map.